Institutions that Transgender Health is interested in working with


  • Physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical resident doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, and plastic surgeons specializing in transition-related surgeries
  • Any and all Medical transition related resources
  • Sexual Health resource centres


  • Agencies need to, or currently implementing and writing workplace transgender policy.
  • Ombudsman office, members of parliament

Private industry and business

  • Small to large enterprises interested in the implementation of transgender workplace policy and education.
  • Charities

Trans community

  • Community transgender organizations and individuals interested in furthering the visibility of transgender people and associated health resources. We will be be adding forums to this site and will need administrators and contributors.
  • Writers who will provide transgender health content by writing articles for this site.
  • Spiritual and religious organizations

Educational Resources

  • Organizations involved in delivery of workshops and counseling
  • elementary, high school and collegiate initiatives
  • University graduate studies and med schools

Allies and outreach

  • Any and all members of the community that are not visibly transgender who support trans individuals and organizations.