Stimulate and improve current patterns in transgender healthcare through the creation of policy, production of educational tools, and development of a more direct system of advocacy support and research.


To assemble professionals and experts in the field of transgender care who are invested in the furthering of transgender health, policy, research, education and community, and to mesh social media and community engagement as a means to creating a contemporary, inclusive and wide-reaching global transgender health care nexus.


As a fresh new social technology driven organization, our goals are to build a vast and accessible source of transgender health care resources. We will create an inviting online presence that facilitates transgender community engagement. Doing so, allows all people, regardless of identity, to engage with our site, social media and professionals, to facilitate a greater understanding of healthcare needs, particularly those of transgender individuals. We intend to become the premiere resource for transgender health, creating a safe place to guide visitors forward, helping them as they take their first steps into transgender healthcare. We do this through our pool of transgender healthcare professionals and experts and by providing programming and research about transgender healthcare, creating a welcoming environment for all patients.